About Exam Results

Score Reporting

Exams will be scored following each examination administration.
Candidates testing at a PSI testing site will receive unofficial provisional pass/fail notifications at the examination site immediately following the exam.

Final and verified exam scores are sent approximately six weeks after the end of the examination period from ACAT for PSI and Capstone candidates.

Score reports will include a “pass” or “fail” result, scoring information, and general information regarding administrative next steps.

Diagnostic information is provided on score reports for those candidates who were unsuccessful. Diagnostic breakdowns, calculated per domain, are intended to identify content areas by showing areas of relative strength and weakness. Information is provided to assist the candidate in identifying areas of study for purposes of subsequent examination.

Interpreting Examination Results 

A criterion-referenced standard setting process is used to establish the passing point for each examination. This means that each candidate’s performance on the examination is measured against a predetermined standard. Candidates are not graded on a curve and do not compete against each other or against a quota. 

The passing points for the examinations are established using a panel of qualified subject matter experts who carefully review each examination item to determine the level of knowledge or skill that is expected. The passing point for each examination is established to identify individuals with an acceptable level of knowledge and skill.