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Five reasons to Hire an ACAT Professional

  1. 1. ACAT professionals have passed a rigorous exam, demonstrating knowledge and a mastery of the principles, practices and ethical standards of accounting and taxation to provide the highest level of service to the public.

    2. ACAT credential holders must have a minimum of 3-5 years practical work experience before they can earn any ACAT credential. They have the expertise and qualifications to provide sound taxation and accounting advice to individuals and to small-medium size businesses.

  2. 3. Tax and accounting professionals have made a voluntary choice to earn them, showing their ongoing commitment to professional development, continuing education, higher national standards, and quality client service.

  3. 4. ACAT credential holders are required to complete a minimum of 24-40 continuing professional education hours a year. Continuing education is key to staying on top of the ever-changing IRS tax code.

  4. 5. The ACAT Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct are among the highest standards of practice in the financial and taxation profession. Compliance with this standard of professional integrity is required of all those with accreditation.

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