Capstone Course Syllabus

This course guides the student in dealing with ethics, internal control, financial statement analysis, U.S. taxes, business law (as it relates to accounting), financial accounting and business consulting. The course will require students to confront and resolve techniques acquired in previous courses. It prepares students to develop a personal code of ethics by exploring ethical dilemmas and pressures they will face as accountants. It will also help the student understand financial statement analysis. This program prepares the student for the ACAT ABA examination.

Course Title: Capstone Review of Course of Accounting and Taxation Principles

Credits: 6

Course Description: Reviews and extends accounting, financial statement analysis, business law and business consulting skills and techniques requiring students to integrate and apply skills and techniques acquired from previous courses. Will prepare students in developing a personal code of ethics. Will prepare student for the ACAT Comprehensive Examination for Accreditation in Accountancy.

Hours per week: Class: 4, Lab: 4

Your organization's version of ACC 101, 102, 103, Acc 150, ACC 152, ACC 156 or a two-year Associate degree in Accounting or a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting.

Demonstrated Competencies
1. Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation, Presentation and Reporting
2. Business Consulting Services
3. Taxation
4. Business Law
5. Ethics and Professional Conduct

Download the detailed syllabus including topical outline, methods of instruction, grading system and participation form.

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