Tools and Resources for Credential Holders

Promoting a voluntarily credential is challenging, to say the least. You need the right tools to explain the who, how and why of your tax and accounting credential(s). With that in mind, we've put together a list of resources to help with this task. The tools that we've created for you should help to explain the hard work you have put into earning and maintaining your credential. 

We will be adding to this list as we go, so check back here from time to time or check in with our blog, Earned Voluntarily, and social media sites to be kept up to date with the new resources as we add them. 

*Certificate Frame

*Credential Holder Logos

*Client Brochure

*Client Letters

*5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Pro with ACAT Credentials Infographic

Also, we've created this private library with more resources for you! 
In this private Tools and Resources Library you will find:

*Sample Social Media Posts

*Slideshows on ACAT Credentials in three formats: Powerpoint for posting          on your website, PDF for easy downloading & Word for copying and                  pasting key lines for your own website, blog, brochures, letters, social              media!
"Reasons to Hire a Credential Holder"
"Choosing a Tax and Accounting Professional"
"Why Earn an ACAT Credential?"



To help you promote your credentials, ACAT has created a infographic"5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Pro with ACAT Credentials Infographic"

Infographics are perfect to post on your website or social media pages. 

Click here to view and download the infographic 

Client Brochures

To help you promote your credentials, ACAT has created a client brochure for your use.  The Client Brochure has information inside about each ACAT credential with a focus on how ACAT credentials are "Above & Beyond IRS Standards."

As an ACAT credential holder, you can order your initial free supply of 25 brochures.           


Client Letters

ACAT credential holders now get access to a full library of Client Letters that you can download in Word form, reproduce, and send to your clients. The library has over 380 entries in which you can search by title or keywords to find the letter you need for your practice.

Click here to visit the Client Letter Library (To view you will need to log in)

Credential Holder Logos

Download ACAT credential logos for use on your business cards, letterhead, and your website! We have a variety of sizes and formats that you can choose from.   

Click here to login and view the logo library for credential holders. 

You will be able to browse folders of logos for each individual  ACAT credential and also a combination logo folder if you hold multiple credentials.