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Writing consists of putting in writing a thought, an opinion, etc., although not all types type of writing (or also called essay writing) is appropriate in the academic world.

Academic writing is called an essay.

The essay is a type of prose that briefly best paper writing service analyzes, interprets or evaluates a topic. It is considered a literary genre, as are poetry, fiction, and drama. The essay
students are likely to encounter is the essay that constitutes a homework or exam question and is the essay that constitutes a homework or exam question and differs from other types of writing in that:

- It uses a formal tone. Humor, sarcasm, colloquial vocabulary, and tangential remarks should be avoided.It should be
Keep in mind that there is more difference between spoken (informal) and written (formal) language in Spanish than in English.
(informal) and written (formal) language in Spanish than in English, so to an English speaker, the Spanish style will often seem impersonal and even pretentious to an English speaker.

- It is written for a reader who, although intelligent, does not necessarily have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

- In fact, the fundamental purpose of the examination essay or assignment is to demonstrate one's knowledge of the course as fully as possible. It is important to answer the question accurately.

Keep in mind that an essay is usually judged according to three criteria:

1. relevant and well-researched content.
2. An appropriate and well-organized argument.
3. Correct and idiomatic use of language.


Do not think that professional writers write any text at once. Before
before reaching the final text, they must write several drafts. The same thing will happen to you should not be discouraged because it is part of the process.
I recommend that, at the beginning of the process, you should not worry about achieving a suitable vocabulary or wasting time on and don't waste your time with the dictionary. That is a later stage. When you can't physics help  find the right word, write down the word that comes closest and underline it or don't bother to use a Spanish word and leave it in your own language.

The steps in writing an essay are:

1. Make a list of ideas. Once made, try to find a logical order and sort it into categories.
2. Make an outline. This will allow you to present all the ideas as well as the central arguments in a visual way.
3. Write the first draft [draft], and then as many as necessary.

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