Cybersecurity: a message from Marchelle Foshee


My house has a roof, windows, doors, locks, security system, insulation and a lot of other items that make my home safe. 

Cyber security is no different from the safeguards I have in my home. I want up-to-date anti-virus software, firewalls, drive encryption, strong passwords, etc. to help maintain a well-protected house of data. 

As accountants and tax professionals, we have been entrusted with data that needs to be protected from cybercriminals and we must take measures to secure this information. (If you have renewed your PTIN for this year, you may have noticed the data security responsibilities statement on the renewal process.)   

This was a friendly reminder it is our responsibility to protect the house our data lives in. Remember: protecting taxpayers’ data is the law


-NSA Second Vice President Marchelle Foshee