EVP Ams Discusses Tax Preparer Regulations with Senator Wyden

By NSA Blogger posted 02-26-2018 11:48 AM

NSA Executive Vice President John Ams discussed the prospects for tax preparer regulation with Sen Ron Wyden and two members of the Senate Finance Committee staff at an event over the weekend.

EVP Ams reminded Sen. Wyden that NSA and the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation have been long time supporters of such regulation but that any legislation should not require any further examinations for any preparer that has already taken and passed any competency examination that has been recognized by the IRS for purposes of the agency’s Annual Filing Season Program.  Ams mentioned that qualified examinations recognized by the IRS included the tests given by ACAT and by the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners.

Wyden responded positively to the suggestion and recalled the 2014 hearing concerning the tax preparer regulation issue.  He thanked NSA and EVP Ams for having assisted with drafting the testimony of the chair of the Oregon Board at that hearing.  He also expressed optimism that legislation would be enacted this year in light of the support of the Trump Administration and the change in IRS Commissioner.


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