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National Tax Security Awareness Week: Dec. 5-9, 2016



Next week is National Tax Security Awareness Week 

As the 2017 tax season approaches, the IRS announced a special “National Tax Security Awareness Week” will take place next week to help taxpayers and the tax community protect sensitive tax and financial data.  As part of the Security Summit effort, this joint initiative between the IRS, states and the tax community will share a variety of information throughout the week of Dec. 5-9 to educate taxpayers on steps they can take to protect themselves from identity theft and tax scams as well as protect their valuable financial data.

NSA will be sharing valuable information with members and anyone interested throughout the week. Topics will range from password protection for taxpayers, computer security for tax preparers and key things to watch for on tax scams as well as other topics.

The Security Summit group believes it takes everyone, working together, to protect against identity thieves and tax scams. Please join us in spreading the word on these important topics by signing up HERE to join the “IRS Newswire” list and receive the latest news. You can also subscribe to NSA's blog HERE for email updates and notifications for tax and accounting professionals.

We encourage you to follow this effort next week on Twitter using the hashtag #TaxSecurity. More information on the Security Summit is available at

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