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Top NSA Resources for Tax Season

We know time is precious during tax season, so take a few moments to make sure you’re not missing out on these tax resources from NSA and around the web:

Tax Research & Information
  • NSA Tax Help Desk. Active & Associate members get 5 federal tax questions researched and answered free.
  • NSA/CCH Tax Center: Get tax news, updates, and information from this robust online library & searchable database of the most up-to-date daily tax and accounting news, CCH journal articles, alerts, and newsletters.
  • NSA Tax Talk Email Discussion Forum. Got a question? Ask other NSA members. Join NSA & you'll automatically be subscribed to this popular forum. 
Tax Tools & Resources
  • NSA Resource Library. Filled with sample tools and letters, you can download templates for engagement letters, client letters, disclosure statements, tax planning, tax organizers, and much more.  Plus, members can also access articles, news, practice management and tax tools, and marketing aids in this searchable online library. 
  • Tax Library Member-Only Discounts. Save on CCH, RIA, PPC, Quickfinder and TheTaxBook tax research and publications.
  • NSA 2015 Income & Fees Survey. Compare your practice to others in terms of business mix, fees for services, and employee compensation. Members can download the latest data for free.
  • Your Online Profile Page on NSA’s Find A Professional Directory. NSA connects you to clients. You can completely customize your profile; the more you add, the more hits you'll get.

Make your profile stand out. Your basic public profile page includes your name, company, address, phone and email.  Go to

-Add your photo or business logo, a bio, information about your practice, and much more. 
-Go to your Privacy Settings to select what parts of your enhanced profile you want to show to the public.

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