Tips on Getting SOC 2 Compliance Certification in The Quickest Possible Time


SOC 2 compliance can take a long time to be certified and awarded to a business. The time can range between 9 to 18 months and some businesses may consider this timeframe too long. 

During this time, the businesses lose customers so they need to take immediate action that will help with getting the certification in a short timeframe. If you would like to get your SOC 2 compliance certificate in less time starting from 6 months going down, here are ideas on making this a reality.

Choosing between SOC 2 Type I and II

You have a choice to make when it comes to SOC 2 compliance and it relates to choosing the type of audit that will be conducted on the system. The types of audits available are the SOC 2 Type I and II. These two audits differ because the latter is more comprehensive and covers all five trust principles. 

The SOC 2 Type I audit covers only one trust principle of your choice. The Type I has the benefit of taking less time and it can be a great start for businesses that need their compliance within six months.

Monitoring technological aspects

Monitoring the performance of technical aspects can reduce the time it takes to be SOC 2 compliant. When monitoring the technical aspects relating to security and availability, you will have proof that the system works as intended.

Once the business has proven that its technical aspects are running as intended, they can request the real audit so be quick to remedy any problems that may arise when monitoring the system’s technical side. Document all the changes you implement and discuss them with the team on how this impacts the system at large.

Automating certain protocols

Automation of certain protocols can ensure that they are up to date and ready for the audit. That can decrease the time it takes to make the system more SOC 2 compliant. For example, you can automate gap analysis to identify what needs to be done, which will help them draft a roadmap much quicker. The automation of gap analysis can be implemented using JupiterOne software.

Automation can help with reducing threat resolution times and lead to audit trails being conducted in less time. Automating the processes will not only help you get SOC 2 compliance sooner but it will also affect the future protocols of the company. 

Focus on CI/CD protocols

Targeting the core of SOC 2 compliance right away can minimize the time it takes for the real audit to happen. Continuous Integration/Continuous Design (CI/CD) protocols can help you design secure systems that are tested in real-time. 

Ensuring that everything is sanctioned and recorded properly can reduce the time it takes to get compliant. Every piece of code should be accounted for and tested to see if it really does accomplish its intended use. That will prove that you are in full control of the system, making it more trustworthy.

Be proactive

Nothing beats being proactive when trying to limit the time it takes to be SOC 2 compliant. Do not wait for the auditor to schedule an appointment to assess the organizational and technological controls. Instead, start researching now on how you can improve your systems and implement obvious changes to minimize the time it will take to be compliant.

Once the auditor notes the procedures you have already started implementing, he might focus on other advanced protocols that would’ve been dealt with later. Getting an auditor that can schedule your audit in the quickest possible time can make a huge difference.