4 Ways CPAs Can Get More Clients for Bookkeeping Services

By Kent Heele posted 03-08-2019 04:08 PM


Every business shares one common need: the need for more clients. In the accounting industry, it’s no different—but the way you search for and approach clients is very much unlike how a retail store would go about it. Here are four tips to help make your efforts more successful.

  1. Target The Most Ideal Client

Many firms make the mistake of going too broad, throwing out the biggest net in hopes of catching the most fish. But it’s a matter of quality over quantity. Don’t waste your time trying to attract as many people as possible. Instead, you need to focus on attracting high-quality leads that will actually convert.

This is a multi-step process. You first need to identify who your ideal client is. Then, you need to identify where you can find them. Finally, you need to figure out how to reach out to them in a way that will get them interested in your business so they can become a long-term client.

The trick? Pick a specialization. You can have more than one, but it’s probably best to focus on just one to start. For instance, as the economy becomes increasingly globalized, international taxes will become more and more relevant. You may want to zero in on clients who do business internationally and tailor your marketing to target them specifically.

  1. Brand Everything

Building a brand is an important step in setting yourself apart from the crowd. Figuring out how to establish your brand and consistently present it will go far in helping your clients remember you.

A great way to start is creating custom stationery branded with your own personal identity. Everything from your letterhead to your envelopes to the folders you use to present clients with their tax returns should be designed in a way that is uniquely and recognizably yours

When you create your personal branding, make sure you do your research and find out what competitors in your industry are doing—not so you can copy their style, but so you can identify ways to set yourself apart. Find the right balance of standing out while also fitting into the industry in a recognizable way.

  1. Go Digital

Everyone is online these days, and you need to be too. If you have not yet taken your marketing strategy into the digital world, it’s about time you did. Social media marketing is highly coveted, but that’s far from your only option on the Internet.

As an accountant, you actually have all sorts of ways you can reach out to potential clients through the Internet. For instance, consider using paid search marketing so that your audience can find you through Google AdWords or similar services.

In any case, figure out the platform that helps you reach as many ideal clients as possible in the most effective and meaningful way. You may also consider re-marketing and cross-marketing tactics to help keep your business at the front of their mind, so you’re the first person they turn to when they need your services.

  1. Establish Your Authority

Having a website isn’t enough. With the Internet, your clients are able to reach more of your competitors than ever before. That means you need to go the extra mile to make sure that you are the person they trust.

Content marketing is a great way to use your website’s blog to turn yourself into a niche authority. Post articles frequently that offer candid advice to your ideal client. If you give people value, they will value your partnership. This is a tactic that actually dates back over 100 years.

Final Thoughts

Finding and attracting the right clients can seem like a big hurdle to overcome, but it’s not too difficult as long as you use the right strategies. If you put these techniques to use, you won’t simply attract more clients—you’ll reach the audience that is most relevant to your accounting business.



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