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On the eighth day of cybersecurity encrypt your file sharing!


On Data Privacy Day, start encrypting your documents and communications!

Using secure communications platforms, document sharing, and client portals, are an absolute necessity. Phishers, hackers, and cybercriminals of all kinds are eager to get their hands-on identifying information belonging to you or your clients. Everything they steal equals money.

Do not email identifying information, tax forms, organizers, or anything that could be used to steal someone’s identity, as an attachment. Make sure your clients don’t send you documents that way. It isn’t safe.

The best cloud-hosted accounting software and communications application providers will have encrypted portals specifically for exchanging documents and messages. If you are not using them then you are at a greater risk of a data security incident. No one wants to have to tell clients that there’s been a data breach, and they do not want to see their name in the news.

With encrypted file sharing, data storage, and communication, the data you save may be your own.

If you would like to know more about the advantages of encryption check out this article here.


A word about how NSA helps our members stay safer

NSA offers members discounted access to services that help them serve clients more securely because it is important to do so. Swizznet, for example, is a Quickbooks cloud-hosting platform that offers encryption and permission security controls, hosted on some of the best equipment available. NSA members can sign up for Swizznet at a discounted rate.

NSA also gives members a complimentary subscription to Verifyle ProTM so they can communicate and share files electronically, backed up by top of the line encryption. Verifyle is simple to use, an allows administrators to decide who gets to see what information in a conversation thread.

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