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On the seventh day of cybersecurity don’t leave information on your desk



Cybersecurity and office security go hand in hand because a guest in your office only needs a few minutes alone to photograph documents or information that’s laying around, and use it for their own gain. Identifying information is very useful for a cybercriminal!

What if a criminal copied your email password off the sticky note on your desk? They can log into your email inbox as you, which gives them access to your contact list. That means the people you send and receive email from can now be targeted for phishing attacks…phishing attacks that come from your legitimate email address. Those emails could ask your clients for anything, from Amazon gift cards to “pay” their bill, to social security numbers and other identifying information. That will cost them money, and you'll be liable, which will cost you money.

It can get worse. Imagine if the thief got their hands on your client's social security numbers. Read this blog entry from LifeLock to learn what can happen. It isn’t pretty.

Knowing what you know now, it is easy to see why you shouldn’t leave any information laying around when you interview a new client, a new employee, or a salesperson. From now on, clean off your desk beforehand and shut down computer programs that could reveal information to a visitor. This is a simple best practice to institute in your place of business, and it may keep you safer from identity theft and data breaches.

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