ACAT empowers accounting and tax professionals to distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace.

The Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT) is a credentialing organization dedicated to upholding the highest standards of expertise, knowledge, and ethics in the fields of accounting and taxation. ACAT's four esteemed credentials are designed to enhance professional standings, and open doors to new opportunities. Our credentials are nationally recognized and globally respected.

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ACAT offers a range of credentials that represent specialized expertise in the fields of accounting and taxation. These credentials reflect the dedication, competence, and continuous professional development of individuals that hold them. Each credential represents a distinct area of specialization, enabling professionals to differentiate themselves and provide exceptional services to clients in their chosen areas of expertise.

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ACAT credential holders have more earning power! ACAT credential holders command the same fees as Enrolled Agents for tax preparation and much more than the unlicensed.

Start your journey towards earning a professional credential from ACAT today. Earning an ACAT credential gives you a competitive edge while demonstrating proven knowledge and expertise to potential clients and/or employers.


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Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP): The ATP credential indicates that the holder specializes in preparing individual tax returns and possesses a deep understanding of tax laws, forms, and filing requirements. This credential demonstrates their ability to offer accurate and reliable tax preparation services to clients.

Accredited Business Advisor/ Accountant (ABA): The ABA credential signifies that the individual is skilled in providing accounting services to both individuals and businesses. It suggests that they have a strong foundation in accounting principles, financial analysis, taxation, and business consulting, making them a valuable resource for financial and business-related matters.

Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA): Holders of the ATA credential excel in managing complex tax planning issues. They are proficient in handling tax returns for individuals and various types of business entities, as well as fiduciaries, trusts, and estates. This credential also highlights their expertise in comprehensive tax planning, consulting, and ethical considerations.

Accredited Retirement Advisor (ARA): The ARA credential is tailored for professionals specializing in retirement planning and advisory services. Individuals with an ARA credential have extensive knowledge of retirement planning strategies, investment options, and retirement plan administration. This credential showcases their ability to guide clients effectively in preparing for their retirement goals.