4 - Increase your value

ACAT Step 5

Step 5: Activate your credential and promote yourself as a credentialed professional

Activating your credential is simple. Pay a one-time $50 fee and can begin building your business as a credential holder. You may also purchase a certificate to display in your office for $20.

Promote Your Credential

The credential, or credentials, you’ve earned are a hallmark of your competence, experience, and ethics. Using the credential logos on your office communications materials, email signatures, and on your website, display your commitment to a higher standard of professionalism.

Whether you are promoting yourself or answering a “What does this credential mean” question, you have the chance to share what the credential designation signifies.

It means that you:

  • Have practical experience in your field

  • You have taken the time to prepare for, and pass, a rigorous exam that proves your technical competence

  • You are committing to continue your education

  • That you have accepted, and will adhere to, high ethical standards

ACAT has put together a library of logos and other tools to make branding and marketing easier. Credential holders can access it through the online library.

Renew Your Credential

ACAT supports the ongoing professional development of its certificants. The mandatory recertification process provides certificants with the opportunity to demonstrate the retention, reinforcement and expansion of their knowledge and skills pertaining to new advances as well as state of the art information over the full spectrum of finance, accounting, and taxation.

Recertification also provides encouragement to, and acknowledgment for, participation in ongoing professional development activities and continued learning. To support this purpose, the recertification requirements require continuing education and professional activities that enhance ongoing professional development, recognize learning opportunities, and provide a process for both attaining and recording professional development achievements

To ensure the proficiency of ACAT certified individuals, the Board requires that each certificant participate periodically in continuing professional education (CPE) to refresh existing knowledge and skills, and to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to new advances as well as state of the art information over the full spectrum of finance, accounting, and taxation.


Renewal Appeals

The re-certification decision will be based solely on materials submitted by, or on behalf of, the certificant.

Appeals regarding re-certification eligibility or status must be submitted in writing to the Vice President within thirty (30) calendar days after notification of the adverse decision. The candidate must submit the appeal in writing (email is acceptable), and explain in detail:

  1. The nature of the request and the specific facts and circumstances supporting the request, and
  2. all reasons why the action or decision should be changed or modified.

The candidate must also provide accurate copies of all supporting documents. The Vice President will review the appeal within 15 days. If the issue can be resolved at the staff level, the Vice President will make a determination and will notify the ACAT Board of the result. If the issue cannot be resolved by the Vice President he/she will refer the appeal to the Board. The appeal will also be referred to the Board if the candidate does not accept a determination by the Vice President. Within thirty (30) days, the Board will appoint an ad hoc Appeals Committee to review the appeal. The committee will review the appeal and make a determination within 30 days. A decision issued by the Appeals Committee may be appealed to and heard by the full Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors is final.
Maintain Your Credential

ACAT Credential Holders Must Meet Three (3) Requirements to Maintain Credentials:

1. Payment of annual renewal fees

Each year, a renewal fee is due to maintain your credentials. Your renewal fees are due by June 30th each year.

One Credential:      $99
Two Credentials:    $149
Three Credentials: $189
Four Credentials:   $229

2. Compliance with ACAT's mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements

The basic and most important principle for accreditation by ACAT is the commitment to an ongoing program of continuing professional education. Individuals holding an ACAT credential must earn CPE and report credits every three years. For detailed information regarding continuing education requirements, classes and proration: click here.

Keep track of your CPE and download the ACAT Continuing Professional Education Diary. The end of the next three-year reporting CPE cycle is June 30, 2020.

More information on the purpose and rationale for CPE can be found here.

3. Adherence to ACAT's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

ACAT has a Code of Ethics all credentialed professionals are required to abide by. Our Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct are among the highest standards of practice in the financial and taxation profession. The Code is a written commentary on the ideals of high professional standards the Accreditation Council expects of every credentialed individual. Compliance with this standard of professional integrity is required of all those with accreditation.