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Select Your Membership

Membership with NSA is determined by where you are in your career. Find the right category for you from the below options.

Active Membership 

Active Members of the National Society of Accountants are eligible to hold office and vote on matters regarding the National Society such as: changes to bylaws and officer elections. To be eligible for Active Membership, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Be employed in the United States of America or one of its Territories; and
  • Complete a minimum of 72 credit hours in each three-year reporting cycle, with a minimum of 16 credit hours in any one year; and
  • Are dedicated to the purposes and activities of the National Society; and
  • Have an active interest in the professional fields of taxation and accountancy, tax preparation and/or other accounting and financial services for the general public.

Dues: $225/year 

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Associate Membership

Associate Member of the National Society of Accountants are not eligible to hold office or vote on matters regarding the National Society. To be eligible for Associate Membership, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Are involved with tax preparing and accountancy work in a country other than the
    United States of America;
  • Are an employee in a government entity, financial institution, private sector business,
    or non-profit entity, whose primary duties are in the field of accountancy;
*Associate Members of the National Society of Accountants are not required to meet the continuing education requirements that Active Members are required to meet.

Dues: $225/year

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Young Professional

NSA is committed to fostering the careers of professionals new to the fields of accountancy and taxation. To qualify for either Active or Associate Young Professional Membership, you must be:

  • 39 years of age or younger; or
  • New to the industry (0-3 years experience)
Young Professionals who meet the NSA Active Membership requirements are eligible to signup for the NSA Active Young Professional Membership. If you do not meet the requirements for NSA Active Membership, you are eligible for the NSA Associate Young Professional Membership. 

Dues: $175/year for up to three years.

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Student Members shall include person pursuing a course of study in accounting, business administration, or related subjects in a college, university, or business school on a full-time basis. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Dues: $50/year while enrolled as a full-time student.

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Educator Membership is eligible to anyone whose primary occupation is teaching accounting or related subjects at an accredited college or university. Educator members are not eligible to vote or hold office, nor must they meet the continuing professional education requirements.

Dues: $125/year

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