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NSA's Tax Help Desk/Research

NSA members who have a federal tax question can take advantage of NSA's tax research assistance capabilities. NSA's professional research staff will search its extensive library to provide you with the information you need. Questions are typically answered within three business days or less. When you submit a question, our tax research department will research it and send you information, usually including citations. The NSA Tax Help Desk will not answer state tax questions; perform or review calculations; prepare any returns, schedules or forms, render legal opinions, or give tax opinions. Only you and your client know all the facts, and only you can interpret the applicable tax law and apply it to your client's situation. The NSA Tax Help Desk makes your life easier by providing the information you need to resolve a client issue. 

About the Tax Help Desk

NSA Active & Associate Members Get 5 Questions Answered-FREE!

  1. To answer your questions in a timely and efficient manner, we recommend you submit your question in writing. This will allow you to include the necessary detail in your question needed for NSA to answer your question and will reduce the amount of time leaving messages back and forth over the phone.
  2. Please include all pertinent facts with your question(s) with as much detail as possible--the more detail we have, the sooner we'll be able to respond to you and the less likely it is we will have to go back to you for additional information.
  3. If you have already done some research, please let us know the extent of your research and the tentative conclusion you reached as a result of your research.
  4. Do not send any documentation to the Tax Help Desk that contains private client info, such as social security numbers.

NSA Active and Associate members can get five tax questions answered without charge for the current NSA fiscal year (September 1, 2020, through August 31, 2021)

NSA will try to respond to all questions within 3 business days or less; however, heavy call volume at certain times may require additional time to respond. Some questions can be answered more quickly. Complex questions requiring extensive research will require additional time; however, subject to vacation days and holidays, every effort is made to provide answers within three business days.

As a reminder, the Tax Help Desk will not answer state tax questions; perform or review calculations; prepare any returns, schedules or forms, or render legal opinions. Complex questions that deal with multiple issues may be considered to be two or more questions; you will be advised of this before we proceed with your question.

Fees for Additional Questions Over 5

  • Questions # 6-10 = $25.00
  • Questions # 11 and each subsequent question = $40.00

Payment must be received before answer will be provided.  Fees are payable by credit card. A NSA representative will call you within 24 business hours of submitting question for your payment.

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