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Capitol-sunrise-web.gif NSA constantly monitors developments on Capitol Hill and serves as your eyes and ears inside the IRS. Located minutes from downtown Washington D.C., NSA attends regular meetings with IRS officials, and works to influence IRS practice, procedure, and operations to promote the interests of practitioners and your clients. You can play a major role in this work by keeping NSA apprised of problems you experience in dealing with the IRS.

NSA is the leading organization protecting and enhancing the practice rights of small business accountants. At the federal level, NSA lobbies the U.S. Congress and federal agencies to support legislation to improve the tax code, lessen regulatory burdens, and promote the interests of small practitioners and their clients.

At the state level, NSA works with our affiliated state organizations to promote and protect the use of earned credentials and to safeguard your right to pursue your chosen profession. The NSA Regulation and Oversight Committee (ROC) provides technical and other assistance to affiliates and can analyze pending legislation to assess the impact on independent accountants; help draft testimony for legislative hearings and rule making proceedings; and provide advice on lobbying tactics and strategies.

NSA Political Action Committee

NSA and NSA PAC have worked in conjunction with each other for many years to ensure that the key members of Congress who exert influence on tax matters and small business issues know the impact of their decisions on the tax professional community, both in terms of legislation and compliance with any regulations that are issued as a result of these laws.  It is important for you, as an NSA member to understand that NSA continues to work to ensure: 
  • The fundamental fairness of tax laws imposed on NSA members and their clients
  • That tax laws are administrated in a fair and equitable manner by the IRS
  • That all NSA members have access to continuing education programs allowing them to gain the knowledge necessary to be ethical and competent professionals in the tax and accounting profession

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Sustaining memberships are also available with a contribution of $50. Both Capitol Club and Sustaining members are spotlighted at the NSA Annual Meeting. Whatever amount you can afford, $30, $25, or $10, please contribute today and help NSA protect your right to practice. 

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