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  • Fredrika Lifton

    RE: Interesting case - state sales / use tax

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    Very interesting case. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing the outcome! Regards, Ricki ------Original Message------ Colorado enacted a statute that requires out-of-state retailers to notify their Colorado customers that they are...

  • Joanne Elsen

    RE: Repair Regs for 2014

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    I haven't read the entire tread, but I'm with you Mark. From everything I've heard, it's not a change in a accounting and 3115 is not needed. Sent from my iPadJoanne Joanne M Elsen CPA PCPhone: 480-634-4388 ------Original Message------ It...

  • photo not available

    MFS calculation for early withdrawal penalties

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    In a community property state, when calculating for MFS, are each spouse separately liable for early withdrawal penalties or does that liability belong to the withdrawing spouse only? Any difference if it is from an IRA vs a pension plan?