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  • Posted in: Life and Taxes

    Year-End Tax Tips for Businesses The end of the year gives you and your business a great chance to maximize tax savings for 2015 and beyond. There are several general strategies to consider, such as use of traditional timing techniques for income...

  • Posted in: Life and Taxes

    The holiday season often prompts people to give money or property to charity. If you plan to give and want to claim a tax deduction, there are a few tips you should know before you give. For instance, you must itemize your deductions. Here are six...

  • Posted in: NSA Blog

    For Small Businesses: IRS Raises Tangible Property Expensing Threshold to $2,500; Simplifies Filing and Recordkeeping The de minimis threshold in the tangible property regulations was raised today from $500 to $2,500 as a result of a meeting with...

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