NSA Scholarship Foundation Announces 2016 Scholarship Winners

By NSA Blogger posted 07-26-2016 03:38 PM


A total of 32 students have earned scholarships from the National Society of Accountants (NSA) Scholarship Foundation. Together, they will receive $35,300 in scholarship awards.

The Foundation has provided more than $1 million since 1969 to deserving undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to pursuing a career in accounting, helping to develop more qualified young accountants.

The scholarships range from $500 - $2,050. Recipients were selected on the basis of an overall outstanding academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, stated goals and aspirations, and financial need.

“Every year we are impressed with the ability and enthusiasm of our scholarship applicants, and this year is no exception,” explains NSA Scholarship Foundation President Sharon E. Cook, EA, ABA, ATA, ATP, ARA “We are pleased to support the best of the best of this outstanding group. They will help ensure that our profession continues to grow and provide high-quality accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses.”

The 2016 scholarship recipients are listed below with their universities, the NSA Affiliated Organizations or the named scholarships that provided funding, and the amount of each scholarship:

Rana Abushamsiyeh
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge
Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants: $500 

Michelle Berger 
Tulane University 
Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants: $500 

Elianna Chroniger 
Houghton College 
New York Society of Independent Accountants: $750 

Hannah Chu 
California State University-Sacramento 
California Society of Tax Consultants: $1,000 

Kelly Crotts 
Southern New Hampshire University 
New Hampshire Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Miranda Curtis 
University of Missouri-Columbia 
Missouri Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Amy Dill 
Liberty University 
Louis and Fannie Sager Memorial Scholarship Award: $1,000 

Morgan Gammon 
University of Missouri-Columbia 
Missouri Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Olivia Grimaud 
Walla Walla University 
Washington Association of Accountants: $2,050 

Dillon Groves 
Ouachita Baptist University 
Arkansas Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Christal Hall 
Washington State University 
Washington Association of Accountants: $2,050 

Anna Hauer 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Wisconsin Association of Accountants: $500 

Elizabeth Hudy 
University of San Diego NSA Scholarship 
Arizona Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals: $1,000 

Wassiliane Jenkins 
University of Alaska Anchorage 
Alaska Society of Independent Accountants: $500 

Zhishan Liang 
Miami Dade College 
Florida Society of Accounting & Tax Professionals: $500 

Alyssa Norton 
Bentley University 
Stanley H. Stearman Award: $2,000 

Caitlin Poteet 
University of North Carolina at Asheville 
North Carolina Society of Accountants: $1,300 

Bradlee Rogers 
Radford University 
National Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Andrew Roluffs 
Oregon State University 
Oregon Association of Independent Accountants: $1,000 

Michelle Sasaoka 
Grand Canyon University 
Arizona Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals: $2,000 

Bethany Scheerer 
University of Maryland-College Park 
National Society of Accountants: $1,000 

Lauren Schmidt 
Doane College 
Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants: $1,000 

Kiki Smith 
University of Colorado Denver 
Public Accountants Society of Colorado: $1,000 

Paige Steffens
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Wisconsin Association of Accountants Southeast Chapter: $500 

Ashlee Sutterfield 
Arkansas State University
Ronny Woods Memorial Award: $1,000 

Emmanuel Talley 
University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Alabama Association of Accountants and Tax Preparers: $1,550 

Andres Villalobos 
University of Central Florida 
Florida Society of Accounting & Tax Professionals: $500 

Rochelle White
Greenville College 
Independent Accountants Association of Illinois: $2,000 

Kayla Williams
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
Wisconsin Association of Accountants: $500 

Kendall Williams 
Alabama State University 
Alabama Association of Accountants and Tax Preparers: $1,550 

Torrey Yost 
Western Washington University 
Washington Association of Accountants: $2,050 

Zeke Zabinski 
Babson College 
Pennsylvania Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals: $1,000

To learn more about the NSA Scholarship Foundation program or to make contributions, visit www.nsacct.org/scholarships. The next window to apply for scholarships is January - March 2017.



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