Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting Closed August 7

Proxy Voting FAQs

What is proxy voting?
It means that you give someone else the right to cast your vote in an election in accordance with your instructions. A proxy is “a signed statement authorizing a person to vote in the stead of the signer in the signer’s absence at a meeting.” 

Within NSA, it means that if a voting member, who is an Active or Life member, is unable to attend an NSA Annual Convention, that member may give his or her proxy to another individual to vote at the Annual Meeting on their behalf.  The individual to whom a proxy is given is called a “proxyholder.” By giving your proxy to a proxyholder, you assure that your vote will be counted even if you are unable to attend the annual meeting.

Can I still vote in person?
Yes, a member may still vote in person.  In fact, NSA strongly urges all voting members to exercise their right to vote in person at the Annual Convention.  However, we anticipate that not all members of a non-profit corporation like NSA will have the opportunity to attend the Annual Convention, so NSA now provides that the option of proxy voting be available to allow all members the right to have their votes count.

Who and when may one vote or give a proxy? 
Only Active and Life members in good standing on July 15 will be eligible to vote or give a proxy.

What are the different types of proxies? 
There are two types of proxies: General and Limited.

An NSA General proxy is given to a specific individual named as the proxy holder. The general proxy gives the proxy holder the right to vote as he or she sees fit on any business that may come up at a meeting, including voting on candidates for office or Bylaw changes.

An NSA Limited proxy directs the proxy holder to vote on behalf of the issuer for the candidates for NSA office as directed by the issuer. Limited proxies, because they are given to a proxy holder in advance of the annual meeting, may not be used to vote on matters that may initially arise at the meeting or are not specifically on the agenda. For convenience, NSA’s limited proxy form names immediate Past President Kathy Hettick as the proxy holder who will, under the supervision of NSA’s Teller Committee, vote for the specific candidates for office as directed by the issuer.

May a member issue a limited proxy, general proxy or both?
Any NSA eligible voting member may grant either a limited or general proxy, but not both. The easiest and most efficient way to submit a proxy is directly online; NSA also has a recommended proxy form for both a general proxy and limited proxy on our website and will email a copy with the link to submit online to all Active and Life members.

I can’t be at the Annual Convention. What should I do to vote by proxy?
The easiest way is to submit an online proxy directly from the website or you can fill out either a recommended General or Limited proxy form. Please follow the instructions listed on the website.

General Proxy: give your right to vote to a member attending the annual meeting. They will then be authorized to cast your vote for you as the proxy holder sees fit for any issue or matter requiring a vote.

Limited Proxy: the NSA Immediate Past President is directed to cast your vote for the specific candidates you indicate on the Limited Proxy form.

How do I give my proxy to someone to have my vote count?

General Proxy: complete a general proxy to authorize a member to be your proxy holder who will attend the Annual Meeting and cast your vote. Submit the form online or to NSA as provided in the proxy form instructions.

Limited Proxy: complete a limited proxy to authorize the Immediate Past President to cast your proxy for specific candidates for office as directed on the form. Submit the form online or to NSA as provided in the proxy form instructions.

Please note that proxy forms must be received in the NSA office no later than 5 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

How do I make sure my proxy is valid?
You must submit your proxy to NSA to be verified. The proxy issuer and the proxy holder will both receive emails from the NSA office to verify the receipt of the proxy form.  If you submit a proxy and do not receive a confirmation email, contact NSA at 800-966-6679 or before proxy voting concludes on August 7. 

Can I amend or revoke my proxy?
Yes. If you wish to amend your proxy form for any reason, you may do so provided the amended form is received in the NSA office no later than 5 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Any new or revised proxy forms received by the NSA office after that time will not be accepted.

If you wish to revoke your proxy, you may do so by email, letter or other communication provided that such written revocation is received by the NSA office no later than 5 PM Pacific on Monday, August 20, 2018.

What are the dates for voters, candidates and proxy submission?
Record Date: 7/15

Candidate Declarations: 5/1-6/1

Proxy May be Submitted to NSA: 7/15 – 8/7