NSA Voting Procedures for the 2016 NSA Annual Meeting

NSA strongly urges all members who are either an Active or Life member on July 15, 2017 (“Voting Members”) to exercise their right to vote in this year’s annual elections. This date is called the “Record Date.”

This voting right may be exercised either in person at the Convention in Tampa, Florida or by a proxy vote. A “proxy” is a “signed statement authorizing a person to vote in the stead of the signer in the signer’s absence at a meeting”.

There are two types of proxies authorized by the NSA Board of Governors: General and Limited.
(1) An NSA General proxy is given to a specific individual named as the proxy holder. The general proxy gives the proxy holder the right to vote as he or she sees fit on any business that may come up at a meeting, including voting on candidates for office or Bylaw changes.

(2) An NSA Limited proxy directs the proxy holder to vote on behalf of the issuer for the candidates for office as directed by the issuer. Limited proxies, because they are given to a proxy holder in advance of the annual meeting, may not be used to vote on matters that may initially arise at the meeting or are not specifically on the agenda. For convenience, NSA’s limited proxy form names immediate Past President Marilyn Niwao as the proxy holder who will, under the supervision of NSA’s Teller Committee, vote for the specific candidates for office as directed by the issuer.

A Voting Member may give another individual either a limited proxy or a general proxy, but not both.

Proposed Bylaw amendments offered by members are referred to committee, which may decide to amend the proposal or recommend no vote be taken on the proposal amendment. Thus, General Proxy holders are allowed to vote on Bylaw changes but Limited proxy holders are not because it is unknown whether there will be a vote on a specific proposal at the Convention.

Active and Life Members of NSA may submit limited and general proxy forms to the NSA office beginning on July 15, 2015. New or amended proxy forms must be received in the NSA office no later than 5 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 to be valid. Proxy forms may be revoked if such revocation is received by the NSA office no later than 5 PM on Monday, August 20, 2018.

Forms and instructions are available at www.nsacct.org/nsaannualmeeting/proxy    

    Candidate Announcement Forms

    All current members of NSA who have held the membership status of Active or Life for at least five (5) years and who would like to present themselves as a candidate for the elected office of President, First Vice President or Second Vice President or District Governor for NSA’s fiscal year beginning on September 1 need to submit NSA application for candidacy at any time from May 1 to June 1 to the Executive Vice President at the NSA Office for verification of qualifications.  Please note that only Governors for NSA’s odd-numbered Directors will be elected this year

    Download a Candidate Application

    In addition, NSA is seeking members who would like to serve as NSA State Director for states in NSA’s even-numbered districts.  Candidates for State Director are requested to submit Candidate Applications from now through August 1.  A candidate for State Director must have been an active member in good standing of the NSA for a period of at least four (4) years OR two (2) years as an active member in good standing of NSA and two (2) years as a voting member of the governing body of an NSA affiliated state organization, which term of years may be concurrent.  Interested members should submit the NSA candidate application form to the Executive Vice President at the NSA Office for verification of qualifications.

    Download a State Director Candidate Application

    Information about NSA’s Districts is available at www.nsacct.org/state-directors-and-affiliates.  Elected candidates will serve beginning on September 1.