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06-05-2021 03:20 PM

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information Center

Wearing a mask is a form of concern for the health of yourself and the surrounding environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. But unfortunately, the current use of masks has an impact on environmental problems resulting in the accumulation of disposable mask waste. In the context of World Environment Day, let's show concern for the environment by finding out how to properly dispose of disposable masks to protect the environment!

Without realizing it, sometimes the simple activities that we do everyday threaten the environment and even consumptive lifestyles are also bad for the environment. It's like throwing away disposable masks...
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The COVID-19 vaccine is being developed rapidly while maintaining the highest safety standards.

The need for a COVID-19 vaccine is urgent, so governments and companies are spending more money to develop one. Research and development takes place at the same time around the world while adhering to strict clinical and safety standards. This allows for faster vaccine development, but not to the point of less stringent research or less safe vaccines.

Vaccines are thoroughly tested for safety before they are made available to the public
Vaccines undergo extensive trials before being introduced in a country. Expert doctors and scientists follow strict international standards when deciding to make vaccines available to the public. Like most drugs, vaccines can cause side effects that are usually minor or temporary. Serious vaccine side effects are very rare. Humans are more likely to experience serious harm from a disease than from a vaccine for that disease.

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