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    RE: Health insurance

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    Hi Jack, What do you mean not exempt to payroll tax? I thought the medical insurance deductions are exempted from payroll tax & income tax as long as there is a Section 125 plan established....

  • Posted in: Tax Talk

    Forgot to indicate above: At the end of adjustments, Buyer's basis in the property would be $90,000 (actual cash paid, or price [$100,000] minus impairment concession [$10,000]). HWB. ------------------------------...

  • Posted in: Tax Talk

    Ok, re-reading... So the Buyer closed in Novmeber on a property for, say $100,000 with January's taxes ($12,000) unpaid and due. The buyer's portion of the taxes would be $2,000 and seller's,...

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