Featured ACAT Spotlight: Danette Daigle

Danette L. Daigle EA LLC of Baton Rouge, LA  

I have been in practice for 26 years; I earned the ARA in 2007. I was very interested in assisting the elderly so I decided that earning the ARA would give me the expertise I needed to better assist my clients in preparing for their future and retirement.

How have your ACAT credential(s) helped promote your business?
I have found that my elderly clients have more confidence in me and are very impressed once they learn that I have a credential focused on eldercare issues. 

Describe our most interesting/strange accounting moment in 10 words:
I once found a bra at the bottom of a client's box of receipts.

One piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting out:
Do not extend credit.

After all the numbers are crunched what do you do to unwind?
I have a glass of wine and enjoy the quiet time away from my clients.

Favorite IRS Publication:

Here Danette is with her team: