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  1. William Delaney
    William Delaney

    Westwood, MA

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    Mark Nelson Jr.

    Nelson Tax Accounting, Ltd
    Milwaukee, WI

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    Michael Jacobson

    Custom Tax Service

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  4. Fredrika Lifton
    Fredrika Lifton

    Spring Hill, FL

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  5. Mark Nelson, Sr
    Mark Nelson, Sr

    Nelson Tax Accounting Ltd
    Milwaukee, WI

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  1. GAATP - Update on the Green

    State Seminars and Meetings

    Oct 10 - 11
    Augusta, GA, United States
  2. MSATP - 1040 Tax In-Depth

    State Seminars and Meetings

    Jan 6 - 7
    Hunt Valley
  3. MSATP - 1040 Tax In-Depth

    State Seminars and Meetings

    Jan 7 - 8
  4. MAPA - Gear Up 1040

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    Jan 7 - 8
  5. ASV - TaxSpeaker 2014: 1040 Tax In Depth, Tidewater

    State Seminars and Meetings

    Jan 8 - 9

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  • photo not available

    RE: SE Plumbing Contractors

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    You should not be paying or reimbursing health care insurance for IC's. Look at the 20 question test and note that if you treat ICs equal to employees (and that will include the provision of health insurance, even if it is reimbursing for health insurance....

  • photo not available

    RE: 1099

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    I concur with Bill (did we not just have a discussion on this topic?).

  • Jason Crawshaw

    401k Active Participation

    Posted in: Tax Talk

    I'm doing some tax planning with a client and we want to be able to take a tax deduction for contributing $6,500 to a Traditional IRA. However, during the first part of the year my client was working (W-2 income) and participated in the company's 401k...



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